Lee-Ann Parker

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  1. Karen Burruss-Cousins says:

    Hi Lee-Ann!

    You delivered my son back in February of 2015 (I sent the Edible Arrangements…). I am currently pregnant with my 2nd child due 10/17. I am still with Dr. Walker’s practice, but they have yet to bring in additional help, so I’m concerned about who will delivery my baby (i.e. if it’s going to be the on-call hospital doctor b/c Walker is not on that day then I’m really weary).

    I wanted to communicate with you about the potential of transferring over to your current practice. I COMPLETELY realized that you are a busy lady, but I wanted to know what your current practice’s stance was on vaginal vs. cesarean, the odds of getting the kind of care YOU can provide during delivery if you’re not the one on call, etc.

    I realize that the procedure to transfer to Generations of Women is getting my records to you all prior to an appointment, but what I’m trying to do is get some info prior to potentially transferring over. Feel free to email or call me (804-513-8199).



  2. Elizabeth Jones says:

    Lee-Ann is absolutely fantastic and my favorite person at GOW. I am hoping to get her recommendation for a pediatrician as she completely understands my approach to motherhood. I am hopeful she will be available when I deliver! A wonderful addition to GOW.

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