Dr. Barbara Mercado, MD, FACOG

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Dr. Barbara Mercado enjoys all aspects of obstetrics and gynecology especially her relationships with patients and peers. Her commitment has been to provide the highest quality medical service in obstetrics and gynecology through every stage of a women’s life.

Dr. Mercado has had extensive training and experience in treating High Risk Obstetrics and provided quality prenatal care. Dr. Mercado understands that for many women the only medical care obtained is with her gynecologist. Through the years, she has developed a very special bond with her patients.

Dr. Mercado is also highly skilled in Minimally Invasive Surgery. As one of the most skilled gynecologic surgeons in the Fredericksburg area, she brought the option of a laparoscopic hysterectomy to the community. This service provides her patients with excellent results with minimal discomfort, reduced recovery, and quicker return to work and family life.

“I perform the majority of my hysterectomies by the laparoscopic route due to the tremendous difference in recovery for my patients”

Dr. Mercado

Dr. Mercado also offers other minimally invasive surgeries including in-office Sterilization (ESSURE) and endometrial ablations for heavy bleeding.

Curriculum Vitae

Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York
Specialty: Obstetrics and Gynecology


Specialty Training: University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Newark, 1995-1999
Medical: Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, M.D., 1991-1995
Undergraduate: Cornell University, New York, B.A., 1986-1990

Board Certificate

  • American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2001

Society Memberships

  • Fellow, American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology
3 Responses to "Dr. Barbara Mercado, MD, FACOG"
  1. Donna Bunting says:

    I am very upset to learn that “Generations of Women” has apparently became so large of an organization that it appears has lost its desire to provide “personal care with compassion”. It may just be that today Friday July 15, 2016 was simply an overwhelming day for staff due to too many patients. I am on hold on the phone and have been for 10minutes, it is now 11:25am in hopes of relaying this to a person to relay to Dr. Mercado. I did finally get receptionist/person 5 minutes later where I voiced the concerns below. I felt it necessary to still write this note.

    When I met Dr. Mercado at Dr. Kil’s practice many years ago, she was compassionate, took time to talk and discussed my concerns. So much so that when she left and created her own practice, I went to her. And…brought my daughters with me when they became of age.

    I am angry that my youngest daughter (19 1/2yrs) had to be traumatized today during her very first “examination”. She has seen Dr. Mercado twice before but because she had “no sexual contact”, she therefore didn’t have an exam. I normally would have gone with her to her appointment but she explained she had some personal questions and wanted to be grownup and go alone. She told me briefly of her sexual encounter and I mentioned she would no doubt have her first exam.

    She came home crying and very distraught. She explained her anxiousness waiting for nearly an hour in patient room with nothing on but her underwear. She said the doctor finally came in and didn’t seem to have time to answer questions she had about sex and her body. Allison said she felt rushed and extremely anxious not knowing what was going to happen during exam. She was upset with me for not warning her of the pain involved in exam. I explained it is a pinch not pain and that I didn’t want her to have this in her head before her appointment. She adamantly said pain mom, not a pinch. Ally said she cried uncontrollably in the exam room. She felt doctor nor nurse comforted her. She felt ashamed for crying, hurt in female parts and embarrassed.

    I feel the doctor and/or doctors need to make 10-15min extra time for a “first exam” to explain to the patient what they are doing and why. This might pinch or you feel cold etc etc. Talk the patient through it. My daughter Allison is very sensitive emotionally and has little pain tolerance. But every patient is different, I would hope this is worked into each appointment.

    I am trying to teach my girls how important it is to go to the OBGYN yearly for an exam. And I told them this is where you can ask questions about your body and tell your concerns. Unfortunately, Allison will always remember her first exam and because of the outcome will most likely be hesitant to go next year. So, I have my work cut out to persuade her this isn’t the way it will go every year.

    PLEASE remember your first time patients…whether first exam, first pregnancy, first whatever — they need compassion and nerves need to be smoothed.

    Thank you for reading this long winded reminder, especially relationships with patients.
    Donna Bunting
    PS I did speak to your office manager. She was very helpful and listened to my concerns.

  2. Amy Brooks says:

    Hi yes I called this evening and spoke with a very rude on call nurse or Dr, not really sure. I was just seen yesterday on Tuesday for an emergency and had an ultrasound done and they found a 4 cm mass on my left ovary. I was only calling to find out what I should do until my consult with Dr. Blackwood on Friday but she treated me as if I was nothing and had no clue as to what I was talking about. You delivered my daughter 2 years ago and I also am best friends with Megan, your nephews mother. I’m just really shocked this is how your new office is ran. All I wanted is help on what to do until my appointment that was all. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you and not your receptionist.

  3. Corinne russell says:

    Dr. Mercado you are so nice and very considerable . You and you staff made me feel so at ease. As this was my first Mona Lisa .I am so happy to find you and my hubby was too! We feel more relaxed now that we know what is really wrong . Again you awesome!!! See you in 6 weeks.

    Corinne Russell

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