Our Best Fight against Cancer

Generations of Women is the first OBGYN practice in the Fredericksburg area to offer the MyRisk hereditary cancer panel, which includes Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer syndrome (BRACAnalysis, BRCA1/2). We are passionate about fighting cancer and are committed to helping families identify cancer risks that may be caused by a genetic mutation passed on from generation to generation. Which is why every patient gets screened regardless of the purpose of their appointment. This is the only hereditary cancer test that provides information about your risk and management based on both personal/family cancer history and your genetic results.

  • Happy Holidays!

    big family holiday
    Happy Holidays to you and your family from the whole Generations of Women staff! This Holiday season, you will most likely get the opportunity to spend time with family members you don’t usually see. This is the perfect opportunity to gather some information about your family medical history. Find out who is pre-diabetic, who has heart disease, has a history Continue Reading...